Saturday, 3 August 2013


My change in lifestyle has been going pretty well but I haven't totally given up ice cream yet (damn it!) but I am getting there because I also do cardio and ab exercises three times a week. I cant believe it.

. I happen to be a stir fry fiend and I love food from Busaba Eathai and Wagamama so I went  fishing on line for recipes they had on their website and I tried this Chilli Prawn Stir- fry I found on the Busaba website. I wanted a heavy meal for dinner on one of those days when salad was just not cutting it. However, I must add that I made some slight changes to the original recipe like in place of fresh Thai sweet basil leaves, I got Thai sweet basil paste instead and in place of Thai chilli jam, I got Thai chilli paste (hence the variation in colour from the original recipe) plus I added some spring onions to it a minute before I took it off from the burner to bulk it out a bit (its optional though). If there is a China Town around you, you could try your luck with finding the original ingredients I substituted for. My result turned out delicious either way! Serve with basmati rice preferably because it is a healthier option. 

Did I mention how much I adore shiitake mushrooms? Yum!
I have been much of a homebody and I have not been feeling 100%  as of recent so that is why my face is scarce. I should be back on the scene soon!


MyStyledExpressions said...

I love stir fry!! The one above look so delicious and well seasoned!! I hope all is well! Show your face when you're ready :-)

Arden said...

Yum!!! I love this! xx

Nathan Moy said...

YUMMERS! Look ssoooo delish! So glad I clicked on your comment and led me back to your blog. It's seriously full of great photos and info juicy, plus your writing style is very personal, I like it! Followed you instantly on GFC and bloglovin'!!! <3 Hope you'd follow me after checking out my bloggie too, I'm sure you'd lke it! Btw check out my newest post on my revamping some cheap Primark jeans into chic new denim!

xx The Provoker

Bisous Natasha said...

I haven't been to Busaba in ages. The closest one to me is in Westfield mall. I tried to start eating healthy this week but it is NOT happening. I need my carbs from time to time in this cold weather LOL ;)

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