Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Hello readers!I was really happy to see today that I have almost a hundred views on my blog when it just started  early this morning.It might not look like a lot but I am grateful.very very grateful to all of you who took your time to see my blog.I am still trying to get into the swing of things so dont worry more posts to come!Anyway,straight to the point!This is the outfit I wore on my first day of school.It is super simple and out there at the same time.It was my first day so i decided to tone down a bit.I promise you more exciting posts!By the way,I have been getting lots of complements and stares concerning my hair.A lot of people think it is dreads but are shocked when I tell them it is genie locks!funny right?Anyway,I will do a vlog on it soon.

Harem Pants: random store in London; Flats: Nine West; Tank:Forever 21 Pink Floyd rocker tee;Blazer: H&M

These are my friends from China(Lina and Kiwi).Very nice and funny girls!

This is my school bag and it will be my bag in 95% of my posts as I am a student and I am constantly at lectures.Only when I am going to have fun will my bag be different.:).Please bear with
Bag: Mango; Scarf: H&M
I accidentally stumbled upon this beautiful tartan vintage blazer yesterday.It is beautiful and I cannot wait to wear it!!!Plus it cost me only 8 quid!Enough of my hyperness.Gotta get back back to homework now!Have a lot to share with you lot in my future posts.Cant wait!Till then.Have a nice time


sara said...

love da bag! totally fab!!!!

Roseanne said...

thanks hunny!x

Ope said...

hot blazer!!

Roseanne said...

thanks Ope!:*