Friday, 18 November 2011


Finally I got my camera today!I was beyond happy and I decided to blog about the trip I made to Leicester some weeks ago. There is going to be an overload of photos in this blog so prepare your eyes people!

This has to be the best photo ever.We were jobless and her brother decided to give me a mini photoshoot.Her balcony is such a great spot for taking photos

Yummy dinner she made.:)

 Various views from the balcony in their apartment

   Rocker tee-Forever 21; Skirt and Tights : H & M; Blazer: Vintage; Flats: Nine West

 Sola and Tobi
Photos we took before we went out friday night and woke up the next day just to devour large amounts of fast food.


Thats all!Sorry about that.:).
I have the worst flu ever right now and it is getting on my nerves.Deola had to make me indomie which I swallowed in seconds.I can barely do anything!Its friday tomorrow and I am handing in my fifth and final coursework.pheww.Going with Deola to Birmingham on saturday to do a little shopping,watch a movie and maybe meet up with some friends.It is much deserved after all the coursework stress.With a plan like this,who am I to complain....

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