Sunday, 20 November 2011


Well the weekend is officially over and it is time for me to get back to work.Is it just me or does the weekend go by in seconds?
I got these a couple of days ago in the mail....

Apologies if the picture is not so clear..:)
I have exams in about two weeks and I shall begin studying this week.Wish me luck!
This is a photo I took a while back of my friends hand while we were out in town.Her finger nails are so beautiful!Dont you agree?Just thought I would share...More to come.
I finally got a new laptop as I could not deal with the old one.Hallelujah!

I sadly didnt get to see the Versace for H & M Collection but I found some interesting shoes on the Louboutin website some days ago(Im obviously not buying them,anytime soon that is  :) )I should share the pictures soon...
How was your weekend?
Something positive I suppose.
Have a great week!

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