Thursday, 12 January 2012


So for some days now I have been getting in touch with my inner Scott Schuman and carrying my camera around with me to take pictures of people that I thought had on great stuff.Sadly, I got a couple "rejections" from some people (sobs).
I can imagine doing this as an occupation.Roaming the streets of Tokyo,Paris,Milan,New York,Stockholm and so on would be an amazing experience but a girl can only dream*sigh* I believe I get my style and inspiration from everyday people and it is no surprise that I have The Sartorialist and Stockholm Streetstyle on my regular reads.
Depending on the feedback from you guys, I may consider improving my photography skills so I could devote a page on my blog to streetstyle.
What do you guys feel about this?
Have a look at my first attempt y'all!

I really love everything about this look.Very manly,clean and still stylish

The colours,the shoes,the jacket and most of all the pink Celine bag.what more can I say?I have never come across the pink version of this bag

Loving the parka jacket,the boots and the vintage inspired bag.

Cool shorts and cardigan  

This bag is new but it looks old.My kinda thing!

Timberland boots lined with!

Perfect leather jacket,cardigan and chunky scarf

With love from me and the streets.


Anonymous said...

Love streetstyle images to! The thing is if your at the Fashionweeks peolpe thiere wont reject you. People from daiyl live feel wierd if you take pictures gool of them. About the photos. I don't now If you've realized but Stockholm streetstyle for instanze has this really unsharp backgroung, so the fokus stays on the person/outfit. I think your picutres would gain alot of quality if you did the same. How do you do that? We'll get a SRL kamera with a good lens. Lens is very imporant. You should ask the person in the store about it, cause it's hard for me to explain this in English( not my mother toung) Good luck

Clara Turbay said...

Great style and good taste.

Barbara Scarlett Brayovic said...

great photos!! love that you went out there to do your won streetstyle photos!

Roseanne said...

Thats so much fashiongamble.i am aware that my photos are no match to that of Scott Schuman's and I am looking at getting a better camera.I wish I could go to the fashion weeks but sadly I cant.:(.

Roseanne said...

thanks also to the rest of you!x