Monday, 15 April 2013


Decided to start doing a weekly or forthnightly post (depends on how much school decides to drain me) on a couple things I have been lusting, loving, devouring, admiring, (the list is endless) over the past week. This is the first of that sorta post so, voila!

These Saint Laurent Escarpin Pumps ... shoegasm! I imagined pairing them with mini summer dresses or a fitted high waisted skirt, a crop top and chunky earrings. If only they were student budget friendly *sigh* Waiting for a high street brand to make a look-alike, I can already see it coming.

Source: Saint Laurent

Something... eargasmic
I've had this song on repeat for so long. Cant get enough

Something... soothing. 
Lifesaver, yes. This my to-go lip moisturizer. I use it everyday because I find vaseline a bit too greasy so I use it only at night and lip gloss on very rare ocassions. It smells awesome too. Oh look,  it dont cost a thang! and it comes in caramel cream as well... mhmmm

Source: Superdrug

Something... inspiring.
I've always liked photography. You guys know Nev? Yaniv Schulman ? the guy from the Catfish: TV show? Went on his photography blog some days ago. He has ahmahzing performance photos. It constantly reminds me and inspires me of things I could take photos of. Noted.

Something... delicious.
I get tired of eating the same damn meals so I tried out lox and eggs . Its a twist on the traditional scrambled eggs. Perfect for breakfast or brunch whichever one. Oh, and its Jewish as well (Im not Jewish, just incase you were wondering).

Resumed lectures today *dull face*
Have a great week!


Tiffy Diamond said...

Those Saint Laurent heels! I want them now too. So gorgeous. And I've been hearing a lot about this Nivea lip balm through blogs. I must try it out. Now following on GFC and Bloglovin.

xoxo Kellz* said...

Love love love

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Milex said...

Anonymous said...

I am loving the heels, they are gorgeous.