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             Yo! Long time no feature. It hit me some days ago that I had not featured any bloggers for a long time and I have finally broken my feature fast (I made up that word). Today, I introduce you to the ever lively, Naina Kamath. I admire her style of writing and the fact that she could throw on a ton of colours at once, eye blinding sneakers and sunglasses in the winter and still pull it off which is something that to be honest with ourselves, very few of us could do without looking like we got dipped in cans of paint. Besides that, she has also interned for a major magazine in the Big Apple and is a graduate at the very young age of 21. This I find very admirable. I got to ask her a couple of questions and discovered how friendly and down to earth she is. Sharing is caring so, enjoy! 

Can you give us some background information about yourself?
I'm Naina, 21 years young. It's hard for me to describe 'where I'm from' because I'm a traveller and am always moving around; I'm American born but of Indian heritage, spent almost a decade growing up in Malaysia, moved back to the U.S. for college, a stint of habitation in Amsterdam, and am now residing in Munich. 
I studied Media Studies & Journalism in college, which leaves the world wide enough open that I still believe that I'm educated enough for most opportunities that come my way. Which is pretty much a priority for me: always leave room for possibilities. 

 What/ Who inspired you to blog?
I had been perusing through fashion blogs for a while and one day thought 'heck, I can pose in front of a camera too!' And that was the start of that. 'Sidewalk Catwalks' derives out of my genuine belief that fashion is for the runways, but style is for the sidewalks. 

 What/ Who influences your style?
It would be easy to say designers and the who's who in the style sphere, but it's not true. I take inspiration from architecture, art and nature, where colours work together so harmoniously without even trying. And Tumblr. Tumblr never fails. 

Any wardrobe staples, Naina?
When I was younger, I would change my handwriting at least twice a week. It's hard for me to imagine that I would be able to stick to an item of clothing for long enough to dub it a staple. I do like bright, bold pieces that can be mixed and matched, so I suppose those are what bind the pages of my closet together.

What do you enjoy doing besides blogging?
Blogging is not my entire life, which is something a lot of people don't understand about what they see on the internet. I am so much more than my photos; I like to make silly faces at people through car windows. I love to run and work out on my bedroom floor (pajamas + weights = true story). I actually love to go grocery shopping (the rows of neatly arranged veggies are like therapy), to concoct salads and enjoy them with my ever-faithful boyfriend. Above all, I live for kicking off my heels and going for a long, long hand-holding walk. 

What was your experience like interning for a major magazine in NYC?
Hectic. I got to meet a group of celebrities at a cover shoot (lunch next to Sofia Vergara, anyone?) but it was a LOT of hard work and hours of running around New York acting as a human garment rack. (p.s. I assumed it was 'garmet,' until I was 17. I'm not stupid, I swear)

Do you think blogging has helped you in any way? If yes, how?
Fo' shizzle! I have made so many friends, gone to many a great event, and worked with a slew of friendly people. But above all, it's allowed me to define my own style. Everyone went through those years of high school dressing you wish could be eliminated from the memory of all humanity. Sidewalk Catwalks has helped me in realizing what I really want to wear, and taught me to not give a damn when others give weird stares. 

 Any style tips for us for SS13?
I don't believe in trends, so I'm not going to say 'ahh this color/ print/ material is sooo hawwwt this season.' My motto is to just wear what you want, when you want. 

Do you have any advice for anyone looking to go into fashion journalism?
Be yourself. So, so cliche but so true. The words 'influence' and 'copy' have become far too interchangeable. Also, don't suck up. If you don't like something, don't fawn over it like it's the best thing since sliced bread; just say so. 

Where do you see yourself in the next  five years?
I honestly don't know. Hopefully living with my love (after years of being on different continents) and a huge dog (I have a thing for dogs that are akin to horses). Career wise? Just doing something that I actually enjoy. Never waste your time with something that doesn't interest you - you could be hit by a bus tomorrow, so spend today doing something fun. 

Photo credits: Sidewalk Catwalks

Keep Up with Naina and her awesome style on her blog right HERE
More features coming to you soon! 
A bientot!


el_martina said...

Such a great style!!! Love all of those looks!!!!

ToniVerse said...

OMG!!!! She is sooo sooo soooo amazing! Her style is perfection. Like it's not pinpoint style but a combination of many!! And her colour coordination... immaculate!!


Roseanne said...

@ToniVerse I know right! you should actually check out her blog. Her style of writing is what I love the most about her. so care free!

Anonymous said...

How fun are your outfits, great!!! Hope you get a chance to see my DASH store experience in LA. =) take care!

Love A&A

Alex said...

Great style - I love the colour pops

Would be also great if you visit my blog too :)