Thursday, 29 March 2012


Wore this ASOS turquoise playsuit over a week ago to my friend's birthday dinner. Paired it with ASOS wedges,H&M black blazer and an old black clutch. We had a great time with delicious food and cupcakes.Also wearing a random combination of jewellery from my growing jewellery collection.
There was an excessive amount of photos so it was pretty hard picking out the ones for this posts.But I survived,so,YAAAY!
I just feel I look ridiculously darker and tired in these pictures...

Birthday girl...

Hope I gave you a good view of my outfit!
I revisited my goals for this year concerning the blog and I haven't really achieved them but there is still plenty of time to do so.In terms of being healthy, I have been drinking less fizzy stuff,trying to jog three times a week but I havent actually been eating dinner on time.Infact,I havent had dinner and I am about to devour some indomie noodles. Its a shame really but,hey!Look at my size!
Im just kidding.Im super tired now so..goodnight everyone!


Janine Son said...

love your outfit! it looks really nice^^

Clara Turbay said...

Great job i´ll be back soon.

Giuliana said...
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Giuliana said...

I simple LOVE your wedges and you look very pretty!
I'm now following your blog via GFC, please check mine out if you like :)

(I deleted my previous comment because my phone is crazy and keep correcting everything i type lol)


Sharon said...

u look amaze honey,love ur outfit&the shoes are just to love<3

Kimberly Michelle said...

You guys are adorable!! =]]]

Evi said...

You look absolutely stunning! Such a pretty outfit!

Would you like to follow each other?

Evi xoxo

StyleandBeautie said...

Those wedges are lovely! x
MAC and Regal Rose giveaway!

brooke said...

i didnt even see this..
i love ur jumpsuit..!!!!
loool.. muiza shortiieeee