Thursday, 19 April 2012


10 days, no post! Blame it on my laptop that never ceases to give me difficulties and the tons of coursework and school errands I have had to keep up with.But now I am back and I am here to stay.
Discovered some pretty dope street artwork and if I had the money and time to see them myself, I would have done so billions of seconds ago. Art is so beautiful, I cant believe people did them with their bare

Have a great weekend everyone!
I am partially anticipating mine thanks to all the work I have to complete....boooo
Summer where are you!?


el_martina said...

this art look amazing! and I love picture with costa ;)

brooke said...

woow..these things are amazinnnggg..!!
especially the one of the ship.. dats just sooo good...
i might just want to go into this*yimu*

The White List said...

Haha! These are cool! Thanks for sharing!

Kiah Torres said...

WOW! How talented are these people!! Kiah

Alela Sirah said...

It's amazing how a lot of those give a 3d effect!!!!