Thursday, 14 March 2013


Currently taking out my braids and I cant lie I am a bit excited as my hair has grown over an inch. I guess the secret to growing natural hair is protective styling, protective styling and more protective styling (that is if you are not blessed with good genes ofcourse). I am kinda tempted to go back to my gorimakpa (Nigerian pidgin word for "baldie") style but I guess that would keep me from achieving the ultimate afro that Julia Sarr-Jamois rocks with so much swagg. In the mean time, a girl can only dream. Decided to share some natural haired beauties to all my natural sisters out there.Some extra motivation if you are tempted to visit the barbers on a bad hair day. 

Lovely prints and colours, lovely perfect afros from Vogue Italia

Possibly one day my hair would be this long... (I think)

Ariel Sansaricq in all her adrogynous glory along with awesome curls

That hair and that neck choker...uber fierce

I dream of one day having hair like this. Its like the ultimate accessory instead of a Birkin bag or something of that sort. Julia Sarr-Jamois has to be my biggest inspiration in that aspect of style.

Just incase I fall back and decide to keep short hair, might as well go for an edgy look.
Im kidding.


Cant wait to rock my fro again.I know eventually I would get tired of it and want it back in braids but these ladies have got me going.
Have a lovely weekend,


MyStyledExpressions said...

Ha!! I took out my braids yesterday, and it feels good to let my hair out. It's been hidden for 6 weeks. Haha. That was quite long for me. I plan to get a curly weave done, I'm not sure when though.

Milex said...

you just keep getting better in my eyes

Anonymous said...

I think afros are so freaking chic. Love these hairstyles!

Stop by sometime, xo Natalie

ToniVerse said...

I've joined the natural journey too!! I transitioned though!