Monday, 22 April 2013


Go on and play them not once, not twice, not thrice... You know you want to.

Something... girly
I have plans of making this my signature scent in the nearest future. Got it as a birthday present and I am slightly obsessed with it. A playful blend of pink guava, waterlily, and chiffon vanilla. Utter perfection

Something... delicious
Im a weirdo. I like googling recipes. Actually I consider that perfectly normal because we all love to eat dont we? Made Maple bacon pancakes. They taste like a slice of heaven and they are super easy to make. Just make sure you fry the bacon till its crispy and get rid of the excess fat using paper towels or you would risk turning that smile upside down. 

Something... romantic
When Harry met Sally.Its a classic. I happen to be a hopeless romantic once in a while and saw this one some days ago. Its cute. Your typical love story except with an array of high waisted pants and 80s curly hairstyles.

Something... exotic
Love this editorial from Elle France. She makes me feel like stepping up my outfit game and she also reminds me of Zoe Allamby

Source: Pepper + Chips

Something.... very Nigerian.
Me and my food obsession again. No matter how much I enjoy foreign cuisines, Nigerian food will always have my heart. Discovered these two Nigerian food blogs and I feel like I am being tortured.   
Craving ekpang nkwukwoLohi's Creations and My Belle don Full are not helping matters.

Off to make jollof rice and continue my boring essay. 


Paint Me Blooming said...

I love princess from Vera Wang as well :)


Ore Runsewe said...

Angels - The XX, love that song!