Monday, 10 October 2011


Hi guys!The weekend is officially over and I am beyond sad cause my weekend was amazing and my weekdays make me feel like a workaholic.Had so much fun this weekend as I went out friday night with a couple of my friends,went to a vintage store and slept like a baby on saturday,travelled to Birmingham with my friend on sunday to shop and devoured delicious slices of pizza on sunday night while whinning about the next day which was going to be filled with work.Well monday is over and I am so famished and I feel like im going to die(I need coffee :)
      Enough talking too much.This is the outfit I wore sometime last week.I love the scenery of the picture and the grey may look a bit too plain but its one of the seasons colours,the fitting is very different from the usual and the sequin patches on the shoulders totally won my heart when I spotted the top in the store.Who doesnt like sequins huh?

Random piece of Tartan fabric I found on the floor by the roadside.It looked beautiful so I took a picture.:)

My nail polish is actually neon orange.Dont know why it came out in the picture as brown.It must be the colour temperature...hmmm...
Top:Splash; Jeans:Topshop; Heels: Barratts ; Bag:Mango ;Watch: Swatch
I promised to do a vlog about my hair soon.Sorry for the wait.:).I also bought some new things I would like to show you all.Cant wait to blog ya again!For now its good bye from me.Heading to the gym.I hope you enjoyed the post.Another time