Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Hi Guys!
Ive been so busy with school and other things that I feel so bad for not blogging everyday.But I believe you are kind and sweet people and you understand that I am busy with school work..yeah?*shouts of yeah*Ok thats better.: D

Anyway,this is my first recipe post and this is what I usually eat for breakfast.Its super easy to make,healthy for you weight watchers out there and it is delicious!(I am not lying).Its worth a try and you could have a muffin to make sure you are filled up for the morning and you are surely good to go.Here is the recipe:

Handful of strawberries or any kind of fruit
Pack of Yogurt(I use cherry yogurt but any kind can be used be it greek or biopot)
200g of Granola(Supermarket or Homemade)

1.Wash your fruit and dice into small pieces
2.Arrange the fruit,granola,and yogurt in layers to form a beautiful layered look
3.Continue until desired amount is reached
4.Serve cold

Thats it!Super easy.For all you greasy meat lovers,I will be posting some recipes from time to time although I only get to cook proper meals on the weekends and I do not eat a lot of junk...alright I am lying!I try not to.I eat salads and stuff like that.
P.S Stall burgers are the best.believe me.;D
Got to go now and keep slaving away to math problems like I was doing before this post.Blog ya later,Have a good night.

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