Saturday, 15 October 2011


Hey guys!
I apologize once again for the lack of posts as I am aware that this is not an acceptable behaviour for bloggers*now prostrates*.Well,I have just been busy meeting up with classes,doing courseworks having fun on fridays and all that jazz.It is however very annoying the way weekends fly by faster than the speed of light.Anyway,this is what I wore for some event two nights ago.It was the International Welcome Reception.I was late but I didnt miss the best part which is the food ofcourse(No I didnt take photos of that.I apologize so no mouth watering today guys).I was fortunate enough to watch the singing group that has amazing vocals and sang vulgar songs slyly.Very cute.I wore something super simple cause I didnt want to be overdressed and when I got there and saw people in their bodycons and what have you,I was in shock!I still felt great still as some others still looked simple*giggles*I took a lot of photos with my friends and the night turned out pretty well.I apologize for an overload of photos in advance,please bear with me.:).Enjoy the post!

Ankara Top:Dzyn Couture; Jeans: River Island ; Trenchcoat: H & M ; Heels; Charles by Charles David ;Clutch; Retro; Bangles; H & M

My friend took the backside of this and there was camera shake but it turned out great anyway.Looks very grafitti-esque

Group of my friends.Deola,the person on the right is from Nigeria as well so we share common interests and ideas.She is a darling!

I look really lost in this photo.Whatever!

Loreta,Hassan and Arvis

The singing group. Really cool!

Thats it!I am done with the pictures and I am sorry for straining your eyes.Have to run off now and solve math like some Napoleon Dynamite-ish kid.Blog ya very soon.Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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