Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Hello beautiful people!
Its been a while(is that right....?)
Ive been irregular on posts.I apologize from the deepest part of my soul.First of all,my laptop is total utter crap and second of all, school calls.yeah
So this is what I wore when I went shopping in Birmingham with my friend.It was a breezy cold day but however it wasnt as cold as it is now.I understand that a maxi dress in autumn is a fashion faux-pas but really what the hell?I wore flats with this outfit and I understand that sandals sound more like it but I dont want my toes to turn to frozen king prawns.:)
Enjoy the post.

 My facial expressions are just hilarious!

 Lace and Ankara dress: Grandma's work ; Bangles: H & M ; Ballet pumps(Not seen) : Nine West ; Bag: H & M

I apologize for the poor quality of some of the pictures.My friend is not the best at taking pictures but ah welllll she is cool like that.:)
 Btw I am currently listening to this song.I love it!Always have!I wish songs these days were like this*sigh*

I hope you got a good enough view of the dress.
I have to get off my laptop now before I suffer from permanent eye loss.Incase I dont blog you in some days,fear not!My laptop would be undergoing therapy I guess.
Gotta run along now and make myself a nice hot cappaucino.Till next time!

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