Sunday, 23 October 2011


Hey guys!
Its been a while I guess.My laptop is undergoing therapy so I am currently blogging from my friends laptop.Anyway,my weekend hasnt been eventful and I am looking forward to next week.Wait for it!Its not because of school,its because I have a week break!Can you imagine?I dont have to wake up early everyday!The best part is I will be going over to Leicester for a couple of days to spend time with my friend,Cindy.I miss her and I cant wait to see her.I need a change of environment to be honest and I am so looking forward to it.This outfit is what I wore sometime this week.I apologize for the crappiness of some of the pictures.It was because of the evil wind that was blowing that day.I almost fell down five times and it was so dark so as you can see,the pictures I took inside the building came out way better.Enjoy the post!

Once again,I really do not know what I was doing in this picture.My facial expressions and poses are just retarded!But dont be afraid,if you havent met me,I am not like that in real life.:)

Blazer: Vintage; Tights: H&M; Boots: Evans; Shirt: H&M ; Mini Skirt: H&M

If you look closely,you will notice that I am wearing a skirt as well.By the way,I went to H&M the other day,their stuff this season is really good.If you havent popped into one of their stores,you definately should if you have one around you.

Trenchcoat: H&M...I was staggering because of the wind.It was not funny.:(

 Here is a more up-close view of my boots.I love them!They are super comfortable and stylish.Besides that,they were affordable.The name of this outfit post is inspired by my current best song by Red Hot Chilli Peppers.I love it!You-tube it to hear it.
     Gotta go now,hope you liked the post.Also,those of you asking about my hair,Ill be back to you shortly.Hope you all had a nice weekend.I didnt but I know my week will be great!the irony.ha!
Till next time.


Amarachi said...

I want those boots and the blazer
Btw i love the simplicity of your blog :*

Roseanne said...

awww..thankyou!u can order them online from evans and the blazer is vintage!:P.thankyou!