Monday, 7 November 2011


So in between the coursework deadlines and sleepless nights that have been dedicated to schoolwork,I was able to find time to blog!yaaay! I am having a busy busy time in school and I can swear that school is killing me(literally)*sigh*
For a change, I decided to share what my room looks like with you all.I took these pictures a while back when I just moved in so I can assure you I have more items in my room.However, its student accommodation so cannot be too bothered to make it too serious as I am currently spending my parents money not Hopefully in the nearest future i'll have something tres magnifique.The most important feature I put a little bit of emphasis on is my study area.Studying is boring and tedious so it is rather important to keep the space comfortable.I did this by putting up some pics of me as a kid,candles and magazine cutouts to ease down the geekish feel a bi and make it interesting to stare at the wall.:)
I have purchased a few items in the past few days but I cannot share...why?I still havent gotten my camera in the post.*straight face*
I have a little somethin' somethin' I am currently working on for a future post.Just keep your fingers crossed!For now,enjoy.;)

The workspace

Board with town map,magazine cutouts and horrible time table. I am in love with the Vivienne Westwood ad(the one with the girl holding the bag). I find it very inspiring

Closet with some of my most worn shoes.It looks much fuller these days.:)


 I love candles!

More upclose view of study space

Perfumes and candles...


This is the best part of my life right now.Im serious...(sorry for the shadowy thingy)
 Hope you enjoyed the post.Going of now to work on more courseworks.Done by the weekend!
Weekend + No coursework+No tests and assignments = Student heaven
Boa noite!


Ope said...

i could spy a pic of u as a lil kid! u were so cute :))

Roseanne said...

hahahaha.aww thankyou!:*