Sunday, 5 February 2012


If there is anything that excites me more than a good meal or an amazing closet,its definitely a man with style!
There!I said it! Nothing like a man with style (and a good sense of humour to back it up ;))
I mean with the vibrant colours,amazing hats,tweed jackets,leather collars,creative layering,originality...  I could go on forever.
What's your best outfit?

Source: jakandjil

Hope you all had a great weekend.
Mine was very chilly and this week would probably be worse with the crazy drop in the temperature.
This week is going to be busy for me so I will surely keep myself warm with a hot cuppa every minute.
Happy new week!


Wunmi W-A said...


great choices.

Clara Turbay said...

Lovely, i like so much your blog.

Sevan said...

I completely agree with the style + sense of humor!
great photos xx

Shelly said...

Amazing shot :), I love your blog and I follow you :! I'd love to have you among my follower too.


White List said...

It's gotta be either The double denim look or the colour blocking one. :-0

Arden said...

Such good looking men, I love when a man wears bright color. We need more of that!!! xx

Love Sushi and Fashion said...

Wow great looks! Love it when a man has style. Kisses! <3<3

Audrey said...

very inspirational photos! I love mens fashion!

and so it goes.... said...

YUM! Couldn't agree more! I wish my boyfriend dressed more like this! (although he doesn't throw a fit when I buy him clothes ;] )

Fash Boulevard said...

so many dapper gents. love. stop by sometime. xo

Alina Anghel said...

men are becoming so stylish recently! I wouldn`t date an extra stylish man though, I don`t like fighting over the mirror or wardrobe space lol. xx

lolita said...

I loove guys with style <3 x

Roseanne said...

I know right!If I had a boyfriend I would want him to dress like this!lol
but i agree that closet space is precious
thanks everyone!