Thursday, 9 February 2012


It just occured to me yesterday that I have not painted my nails in ages.Ahh well... I blame it on school work and its ability to distract me from caring a lot about manicures.So I decided to jump on the spring trend bandwagon and paint my nails a pastel colour!I usually dont follow trends but I was really liking the colour and I switched it up a bit by pairing it with a neon shade. I have never used artifical nails before and to make a pattern on my nails I tend to experiment with different colours.
I shall show you guys the steps to get your nails like mine or something similar.

You need one pastel shade and one neon shade.I used Rimmel Misty Jade and L.A Girls Neon Orange. I suggest pastel yellow and neon blue would also make a great combo too.

First of all paint your nails with the pastel shade and ensure you leave space on each fingernail for the other colour. Apply the nail polish diagonally to make it more decorative. You can also apply it horizontally or vertically.Whatever suits you! Wait for the pastel shade to dry first and then apply the neon colour on the leftover part of each fingernail.Ensure to do a double coat for a better effect.

Thats it!Super easy!

By the way, I will like to apologize for not posting about my beauty regime like I promised.To be totally honest with you, I dont have any. I dont tone or mosturize or do any of those things.I barely even use makeup.Just a touch of eye liner or mascara and I am good to go.I dont really think my beauty regime is "blog worthy".Hopefully as I get older I will really get into the whole process of manicuring and using makeup e.t.c.
In other news, its obvious Valentine's day is around the corner and I wanted to style a couple outfits to inspire you guys on what to wear incase you have that special date or dinner for the day ;).Would you like that?
I have no plans whatsoever but I am looking forward to the fact that I have no classes next week because I get to catch up on lost sleeptime and hang out with my friends!Yaaay!
Have a great weekend,


Sharon said...

Gorgeous colours&design sweetie loves it. U mean like u don't use moisturiser on ur face in this freezing conditions? I think u should try a basic cleanser&moisturiser since u do apply some form of makeup ie eyeliner *ur skin will thank u later*

Celebrity Style Tips said...

How creative! Looks great! Welcome to stop by my blog and if you like we can follow eachother on bloglovin.

SilhouetteParisienne said...

I love it

Roseanne said...

thanks everyone!