Saturday, 18 February 2012


I am currently having the break of my life! (Not totally though but you get the point). I have been catching up with sleep and spending time with my friends and lets not forget, writing courseworks. Your girl can never have a break*sigh* New York Fashion Week is over and the streets of London started buzzing today with many fashion enthusiasts and designers preparing for an amazing fashion week.I am not taking part of all this unfortunately so sorry for misleading you like I am front row chilling with Anna Wintour and Bryan  Boy or something. I was talking about how amazingly cool eBay was a couple posts ago and how there is a truckload of vintage items on there. Take a look at some cool stuff I got there and some other places.

80s Penny Hippy sunglasses: eBay
50s Kelly bag: eBay
The bag is so cute!The texture of the leather is divine and although it may be small,I absolutely love it.

80s pink jacket: Charity shop
70s Betty Barclay jacket: Charity shop

I got these jackets from a charity shop for next to nothing.I fell in love with the black one immediately and I am wearing it right now! haha. It has shoulder pads and false pockets.It looks so much like a blazer but more of a sophisticated one if you get what I mean. The 80s jacket is a size up and I feel like I can throw it over anything.

Wedges: ASOS (get them on sale here)

I got these wedges at an amazing price and I left the only pair of wedges I have back home so I needed something more school and nightlife friendly because my other heels usually hurt and I am not so familiar with the idea of taking off my heels at clubs.

If you guys are covering any shows at LFW, leave your blog links down so I could have a look.
Happy weekend!
I am having a great one so far.


Anonymous said...

I love the wedges and that pink jacket!!

Sharon said...

Love e bag,sunglasses&wedges nice buys dear:-

Monique said...

great finds, nothing beats a classic blazer to throw on with everything

Cilla B said...

That pink jacket looks amazing

Roseanne said...

thanks for your lovely comments!x