Sunday, 11 March 2012


It was monday morning again!I was running late for my 9am class  so I decided to dress boyish because it is super comfortable.I have noticed that male clothing is really comfortable and maybe I would make this dress code my monday uniform.I kid, I kid.....but what do you think about the look?I could easily pass for a boy except that my womanly features would not give me away.;).It feels good to dress down once in a while. Please ignore my weird facial expressions, was just getting my gangstress on. Im cool like that :)

Sneakers : Converse; Jeans: River Island; Shirt(gifted): Nike; Denim Jacket: Wrangler; Hat:New Era NY Yankees; Ring: Dorothy Perkins; Bangle: Charity shop, H&M

My friend and I were making fun of Deola's dress and telling her how she looks like a nurse. Im quite jealous of the dress to be honest.
Dress: River Island; Cardigan: Forever 21

I originally made a vlog for this outfit post because I didnt find someone to take my picture and then I captured Deola.Victory! I better get a tripod soon...
Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I did!Would post pictures soon.
Its back to boring weekday routines again.....


Anonymous said...

You're so skinny! EAAAAAAAAT. You look fabulous even when you're boyish.


el_martina said...

cool look!

Roseanne said...

thankyou guys!x