Thursday, 15 March 2012


Digable Planets made music back in the early 90's. I am in love with their music and I find it perfect for everyday listening because of the fusion of hip-hop and jazz. Sometimes I wish they were still out there because music has really changed from how it used to be. Dont get me wrong, I listen to comtemporary music as well, but I just seem to be checking out old music these days. Back then music wasnt much about wealth and material stuff but it was more about inspiring people. Am I alone here?
If you know me quite well, you would know I listen to every genre but I tend to tilt towards less popular ones like Alternative and Indie Rock (hey there "Vampire Weekend" :) )
Here are some of my favourite tracks.Listen.Great music for your soul.

Hope you all have a great weekend. Mine would be great because I am meeting up with a couple of friends I havent seen in almost two years!Excited!

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