Friday, 23 March 2012


I think the blog post title explains it all.Ladies and Gentlemen,I present to you my last winter outfit! This is what I wore about a week ago. I was extra lazy that day and it was such a gray day. I couldnt be bothered to tend to my hair so threw on my beanie. I think what I would miss most from Autumn and Winter are my faux leather shorts and my vintage wool blazer.  I am happy about the warmer weather though. Its a taster of the weather back in my home country. A tiny weenie bit.:)

Brogues:New Look; Skirt: H&M; graphic pocket tee: Forever 21; The godfather; cardigan: Mango; Beanie: H&M; Bag: Mango

And its a wrap!Oh wait, I cant stop listening to this song


el_martina said...

I relly like your top!

Rina said...

you look great!

Roseanne said...

thankyou guys!:*

shi zhan said...

レイバン wayfarerのモデルと言ったら、フレームの色がたくさんあるでしょう。この間、あのレイバンアウトレットショップで、かなり変わっているビビットグリーンのRB2140を見たが、5800円という値段、おかしいと思った。こう言うレアなレイバン RB2140モデル、そんなに安いわけがないよね!