Sunday, 1 April 2012


I made some cinnamon rolls a while ago and forgot to do a post about the results. I love cinnamon rolls and we dont have any Cinnabon's around my area so I decided to try it out myself. They came out pretty nice and I used this recipe. My friends can testify... I swear. I topped it with cream cheese frosting although it was a bit too sugary so if you are not too keen on sugar, you can ease up on the frosting. They were delicious and oh, that reminds me, I shall make some again tonight!

I am currently on Easter break and I am so happy because I could rest and sleep a lot and chill chill chill.Plus, laugh my heart out to some Modern Family. I have a lot of work to do actually and I need to revise for exams coming up next month, so, wish me luck!
I shall be closing down my blog at the end of the month.....

Happy April Fool's Day!Gotcha'!haha
Have a great week ahead,


brooke said...

yummm!!!! i love these....
now i'm hungry..!! :(

shi zhan said...

レイバン wayfarerのモデルと言ったら、フレームの色がたくさんあるでしょう。この間、あのレイバンアウトレットショップで、かなり変わっているビビットグリーンのRB2140を見たが、5800円という値段、おかしいと思った。こう言うレアなレイバン RB2140モデル、そんなに安いわけがないよね!