Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Decided to post black and white photos I have taken over the months.Starting from..... my brother acting crazy.

Yes!I am blogging right now from the comfort of my own bed at home (despite the crappy internet).I have been sort of invisible these days. Blame it on moving out of accommodation and preparing to go to Nigeria.I am home now and I am enjoying the food and the lovely weather( I take that back, the weather is acting retarded). I have  been wanting to take a dip in the pool but the rain seems to disagree with me so I shall remain patient for a couple more days. In the mean time, I will continue stuffing my face with food because everyone back home says I look like I have been starving (lies), I eat quite well but I see this as an opportunity to double my portions of suya, pounded yam and sharwama*Kanye shrug*.

I have been trying my best to read all your posts but just like I said earlier, the internet speed on this side of the world is not that great. Sometimes, things like this make me appreciate England (this happens to be one of the few things).
Stick around for my next post in a few days. It would be quite helpful for Summer, trust me.:)


Oluwaseun S. said...

LOL. I miss suya, the GOOD suya!

Enjoy your stay and bring back a gift for me...haha :)

The White List said...

WOW!!! Very nice!!!!

magnes said...

these photoa are so inspiring! love them! I've just started following your blog, maybe you would like to visit&follow mine in some free time? http://mood-book.blogspot.com