Wednesday, 6 June 2012


BlackBerry photo

Im back!Im back!Apologies for disappearing for almost a month. Incase you were wondering where the hell or what the heck I have been up to to abandon you guys like that, you could try following me on Twitter so next time you would not have to wonder.Anyway, I was busy writing exams and I am finally done with school for the year and boy o boy am I relieved. We had some sort of "get together" on the last day of school (explains the worn out look on my face for being sleep deprived and hungry). I am happy to be done with school till September.You have no idea.I had a hard time selecting photos for this post.Thanks to Deola's uncountable times of saying "can you take a photo?"*RME*

My dress was made by my grandma, heels are BCBG, clutch and earrings from H&M and a pair of worn out eyes. I feel the dress would look better shorter and a bit more fitted ...

Heading home in a couple of days and my room looks like a hot mess right now because I am packing up. But hey, Im heading back to warm weather anyway.
Get jealous! : P


Sofies closet said...

Lovely pictures :-)

shi zhan said...

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