Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Yo!Yo!Yo!...ok I need to calm down now.Ive been a horrible blogger with the huge gaps I have been leaving between posts.Im even worse than I was while I was in school.Please accept my apologies once more, I am just too busy catching up with life at home and spending all my money on sharwama.haha.
I got this lime green dress last month from the sale rack at New Look.It has to be one of my most interesting finds ever as it was only £11! ridiculous isnt it? Its simple and a bit complicated in its own way with the wing looking thing at the back.It makes me feel like an angel (well because I am ;) )*flips hair*
I think I was dancing in this photo...or probably laughing at something stupid...

There is nothing more delicious than Nigerian food. If you ever come to Abuja,make sure you stop at Mamman Kato for their sharwama and suya.You would thank me later.Oh, drop by my house for the coconut rice and crispy chicken with garden salad. I have other dishes lined up....:D

My dress, necklace and sandals are from New Look. My earrings and my bag are from H&M.
I would try and be more available this time guys. I need to work on that!Hope you have all been having a great summer holiday.What have you been up to?
Please do share because I am listening!Bonne nuit!


BeULuv said...

Love the dress, very cute!

Anonymous said...

skinibo go down ......i miss u rossy baby!!

Monique said...

this dress is so beautiful and looks great on you!