Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Apologies to the people in the background.Hopefully they would never come across this :)

Looking extra casual in this leopard lined sleeveless shirt and my Topshop skinny jeans.I picked it up from Primark before I went back home and I really like it.I would definitely be taking it on my trip pretty soon.The sandals are from New Look and the clutch and earrings are from H&M. I seem to be leaning towards clutches, longer hemlines,earrings and heels these days although I am too damn casual to dress up super girly often.Most learn to be extra lady like!

Say hi to my friends Ugo and Michael!
I was thinking about doing a post on my hair update as it has grown considerably well these past few months although it looks like it is not making progress. It is currently in plaits as I speak.I know is sounds impossible but trust  my hair to be extra kinky.Sucks that I have to deal with that but shoutout to my grandma for supplying me with shea butter to boost my hair growth.
Hope you are all having a great week.


LaaFemmeNIKIta said...

very cute outfit!



LaaFemmeNIKIta said...
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Adore your cream and leopard shirt! You look smashing. Awesome ladies with your gorgeous smiles. X

shi zhan said...

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