Monday, 9 July 2012


First of all, ignore the name of this post.
I must say I totally agree with the fam that I have lost weight.I mean if you have been reading my blog since I started it in October, you would actually see a post of me wearing this same dress but it was a bit fitting at the top as it is meant to be.When I had to wear it to go to church, I quickly snatched this belt from my aunt to make it a bit more fitting.Thoughts?
I am eating everything possible to gain weight and somehow this is slowly happening I guess....

Maxi dress was made by my grandma,the clutch which is my new favourite item is from H&M,earrings from H&M, the belt was borrowed, and the bangle is from a charity shop.

I have so much to update you guys on.My hair journey,hair inspirations, products I would reccommend, outfit posts, favourite editorials and so much  more but I have been busy lately. I originally intended on keeping my hair as a buzzcut but somehow I have been constantly bullied by people and I am totally in love with the way natural hair looks.The twists, the locs, the fros.It is beautiful and I am now eager to grow it natural.But you never know,might get frustrated again.Would keep you updated on all my upcoming posts.
So little time, so much to do*sigh*
Happy week!


Monique said...

your hair looks great and what an amazing belt. i hope you aunt lets you keep it or borrow it for an extensive period of time. so chunky definitely a statement belt.

Khlo√© ♡ said...

love ur style and ur hair ! follow you ♥