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This is a post long overdue but thanks guys for your patience because I am back and ready to rumble!
Today, I would like to introduce you to aspiring model,YouTuber and student, Zoe Allamby.If you have been   reading my blog for a while, you would notice that I have never interviewed anyone on YouTube but trust me, this is going to become something I would stick to.I have been fascinated by her videos on YouTube for quite sometime now so I got around to asking her a couple of questions. The stunning beauty has over 6000 subscribers and her channel is still growing with the thousands of views she has had since its inception. She has been able to combine, modelling,school, vlogging and work together and believe me, I dont know how she does it but find out for yourself!

1.Could you give us some background info about yourself ?

My name is Zoe Allamby and I’m 19 years old (about to be 20, September 12th)! I am from the beautiful island of Barbados and a full- time student and model based in Miami. I am set to graduate with my Bachelor of Arts degree in Fashion Merchandising at the end of September. In addition to my school and work life, I host a beauty and fashion- related YouTube channel called “CaribBeautiz”. I’m constantly on the go but I honestly enjoy juggling all 3 segments of my life. If I were to sum up myself in three words it would be creative, ambitious and energetic.

2.Why did you start your YouTube channel?
I’ve been watching beauty videos on YouTube since I was around 14, and I have been engulfed is all things beauty and style since I have been modeling from the same age. After my own self-taught experiences, research and picking up tips from makeup artists, I thought it was be a great a idea to share with other girls what I’ve learnt.
I remember the first video- I was so nervous and awkward, and my roommate Ryan was hysterically laughing while assisting me focus my little digital camera. After watching and editing it, I saw what I could have done differently to make the video more efficient. That made me pick up the camera the following day and record another video. Each time I posted a new video, I got motivated to improve and inspired from positive comments to record more. This was in 2010 and I haven’t looked back since.

3.Describe your style and what influences it?
To be honest, my style depends on how I feel when I get up in the morning and what music I’m listening to when I get dressed. Sometimes you would catch me looking quite tomboy-chic in cut-offs, boat shoes and a cardigan and other days a little bohemian in a printed maxi dress with stacked bracelets. Furthermore, I go to school with many fashionistas, so I think at times I get inspired from the many colorful characters I run into at classes.
Aside from that, my staple pieces are any type of high-waisted pant, colored blazers and chunky necklaces.

4.How did you get into the modeling industry and how do you maintain your figure?

I was first recommended to a magazine team that was visiting Barbados from Italy by a family friend. I was 8 years old, had no idea what I was doing and remember being so exited that I was wearing new clothes and being shot by a guy with a really big camera! When I was 13 I remember religiously watching past cycles of “Americas Next Top Model” and being in love with Tyra Banks. From then my parents allowed to enroll in modeling workshops, test with photographers and walk local fashion shows. 
After I moved to Miami I went to a couple agencies and heard “no” three times until one said “yes”. Its been a whirlwind ever since. And with regards to my figure, I have been tall and slender my whole life, so I don’t do anything in particular to maintain my size.

5.Do you have any beauty tips for hair and skin you could share?
In my opinion natural is always better. I like to research natural products to add to my beauty regime and try to stay away from products that are packed with chemicals. One of my favorites is olive oil- it works wonders for my skin and hair.

6.What inspires you in everyday life and what pushes you to achieve your goals?
My parents are a huge inspiration to me. I have watched them work hard their whole life. They have always instilled in me to put God first in everything I do and constantly remind me that education is a privilege that should never be taken for granted. Being away from them is hard, but talking to them on Skype when I get home from school or a show keeps me going.

7.Have you gained anything from having a popular youtube channel?

I have made great, personal connections from people all over the world. It’s quite rewarding to know that I help and inspire young women to look and feel their best. Additionally, reading messages from Bajan Yankees saying, “watching your videos makes me feel like if I’m at home” is heart-warming. Hearing that in its self is a blessing.  

8.What can you say about the fashion industry in your home country?

The fashion industry in Barbados at this point in time is small, but acquires immense potential. There are so many talented designers and models that I have seen first hand. What the government focuses on is our biggest industry- tourism, and since the efforts contributed aren’t substantial enough, the fashion market suffers. There is definitely so much unfledged talent that can flourish if adequate time and capital is given. Eventually one day I wish to return, and fully assist.

9.How do you spend your free time?
I am a pretty active person so I really do enjoy spending time outdoors. I love Zumba, kickboxing and going to the beach. Also, it may not look like it but I LOVE TO EAT. Some of my favorite dishes to indulge in are pizza, Bajan macaronie pie and recently sine I’ve moved to Miami, chicken nachos with a huge dollop of guacamole!

10.Any advice for aspiring models like you?
Surround yourself with magazines and be aware of designers and brands. If you want to be in the industry, you have to be knowledgeable about it.
I would first recommend taking some polaroids, learning your angles in the mirror and practicing your runway walk. Afterwards invest in a good photographer for a test shoot. Agencies are going to want to see what you look like in front of the camera when they meet you. The polaroids will give them an idea of how you look naturally and the test shoot will give them a more fashionable forecast.
You have to have thick skin and a positive attitude because there are many designers, casting directors and producers that will tell you straight up everything they don’t like about you and say “ thanks for coming” and show you the door.
I believe this applies to any job or goal you may have in life, because you always have to remember to never, EVER give up. I doesn’t matter what anyone thinks; if your truly want something go after it. Protect your dreams, be dedicated and everything else will follow.

Hope you guys enjoyed the post!I am back now and here to stay!

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