Thursday, 9 August 2012


I deserve a whip, knock, slap or some sort of punishment for my absence?*crickets* I thought so!Thanks so much lovely readers for being there despite my sporadic posting. I got back from Dubai and  have been so caught up with things and besides,the internet down here is ugly.
The weather in Abuja has been really depressing.Its been rain rain rain rain. I was only able to get one good shot with my brother on sunday after church. I wore this tangerine lace dress that I got from a random store in Dubai.Its simple but there is something special about it in a way. I wore some earrings from Mango and my lovely sandals I picked up from New Look on my trip. I have an exciting post coming up soon so, stick around!


Anonymous said...

You are really gorgeous.absolutely stunning.
Kind regards

shi zhan said...

レイバン RB3026と言うと、いろんな色の組み合わせあるでしょう。どの組み合わせが一番レイバン サングラス
らしいと思う?あたしは昔からレイバン aviatorが好きで、いろんなモデルを見てきて、やっぱりゴールドにグリーンレンズが一番いいと思った。