Wednesday, 5 December 2012


I have never really talked about how much I hate taking pictures when winter's ugly head finally shows up and the sun goes to sleep so early.I believe food photography is at its finest whenever natural light serves as the major source for photos. For now till the end of march, would have to deal with artificial light for my blog photos. I love love love this recipe I tried out recently. I love shrimp and I feel if you want to try out this recipe, you should get  larger shrimps like the ones in the photo from the recipe I provided because it makes the meal a whole lot interesting. I also like to add a little extra scotch bonnet for a bit more fire. Do not forget to serve with fried plantain and a refreshing can of grape juice or whatever drink to calm those those taste buds. Besides, this is a perfect winter warmer and if you are allergic to seafood, chicken is also a juicy substitute. Enjoy!


Oluwaseun Sodunke said...

I have all the ingredients listed on the site for this meal! I'm trying it later this week. Your version looks yummy...especially those plantains! :)

Winter's cold weather does put a strain on blog pictures. Haha...I try to switch up my location though.

Roseanne said...

You should definitely try it.Its so delicious!Aww thankyou!Although my shrimps look rather the winter weather and daylight BS just makes blog photos so ugly.I need to learn how to edit photos.

Monique said...

This looks delicious! Sweet plantains and curry shrimp with white rice...ah I want some of this now!

Jennifer said...

Sounds yummy!

xo Jennifer