Thursday, 31 January 2013


Exams ended about a week ago and I am currently working on reviving my normal sleeping pattern and catching up on all the shows I have missed. This explains my prolonged absence during the month of January and I hope you all, my lovely readers, would understand. I spent this whole month dashing in and out of the library, sleeping at 8am and exhausting my funds on takeout (especially pizza). So me and my friends headed out the night exams ended and this was what I wore for the night.It was my first time donning a crop top and I think I quite like it. Its sexy and shows a bit of midriff but yet leaves something to the imagination if you get what I mean.... 

My skirt and top are from Candy, shoes from Primark, the belt is from Forever 21, bracelet was obtained from my mum and my earrings are from H & M. 
P.s leave a comment down below if you want to know where my friends' outfits are from.

I realized I have not blogged this whole month and it is already the 31st. Its amazing how time flies. Also dawned on me that most of my outfit posts have been on nights out. I guess I have to hit the brakes on that and post more often on day outfits. You have to blame it on the shitty weather here because it is either raining or snowing constantly, and that would mean me taking pictures indoors (which I hate so much).I would note that down and work on that as I have more time to myself now that exams are over.
Off to get some rest and listen to Robin Thicke.
Have an amazing weekend ahead!
Bonne nuit!

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LOOOL.. someone doesn't look okay here :p