Monday, 22 October 2012


Just a quickie on what I usually throw on on those days when I just cant be bothered to dress up in a proper outfit.I am not a die hard Chris Brown fan but I am in love with this t shirt I picked up from Vintage (weird that they sell such). They had a couple other ones I was loving and I think I might head back there and get em'! A couple sweatshirts too,sweet!

Nothing better than my uni hoodie. Very warm and comfortable.Just what a busy busy student like me needs. I am wearing sneakers by Converse, skinny jeans from Topshop and a ring from Dorothy Perkins.
Back to studying for now.
Hope you are all having an amazing week so far.
A tout l'heure, Bonne nuit!

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Oluwaseun Sodunke said...

I think I might need to put one of my sneakers to work, soon! Casual but cute look :)