Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Decided to jump on the bandwagon and get one of these camo jackets that everyone seems to be wearing.Every corner or street I walk into,I seem to find people dressed in camo inspired stuff be it tshirts, jeans or jackets.Another thing that made me attracted to the trend is my love for man repelling items.I guess I couldnt skip this one right.Throw anything baggy my way and as long as it is comfortable,I am good.

Wearing my hi-top chucks, H&M u-neck stripped mini dress,tights and scarf, vintage sweater and vintage camo jacket.My earrings and bag are from Mango and my necklace is from New Look.
I originally wanted the camo from the German or U.S army for some strange reason but I did not find it.Well,I am cool like that.
Should have le fro back in my next outfit post.Pretty excited about that because I am one big ball of awkwardness.


The White List said...

It definitely looks good on you!!!

Zoe said...

Saw your blog on chictopia and really like your style so i followed. follow back?