Sunday, 7 July 2013


  Regarding the name of this post, I am not talking about myself please. I am not Megan Fox for Christ's sake and neither am I obsessed with myself.  Finally got to meet up with my long lost friend after several years of separation. It was good catching up over lunch and roaming the streets of London like two misplaced tourists. I'm not going to yap about how awesome the weather has been but allow me to say I have finished about four tubs of Haagen Dazs this past week. That explains how burning hot it has been right? I guess so. Excuse my gluttony, but that is also partially due to my love for ice-cream anyway. I added some random photos I have been taking over summer. Enjoy.

Birthday girl

Midi skirt and crop top(stolen or rather obtained from a generous friend) are from New Look, sandals from Office, denim vest from a charity shop, sunglasses stolen from my mum are vintage, scarf is by H&M and overdue for chucking in a bin, and bag (gifted) is from River Island.

I have a tub of  Ben & Jerrys to attend to. Pray for my sugar levels. Have a lovely week people.


Cassandra Ikegbune said...

Your friend is pretty! and your outfit just inspired what i'll probably end up wearing today
Nice pictures too. FFO(for food only).lol

michelle said...

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